7 Houseplants You Can Grow In Even The Darkest Corners

Homifine.com -- Growing houseplants is a popular and good hobby. The presence of ornamental plants in the home has a direct positive effect on you. Almost all plants require sunlight to thrive, but did you know that there are some that can thrive even in a dark room?
Below are 7 houseplants you can grow even in the darkest corners. Let's wait for the feedback!

1. ZZ plant


If you are looking for the best indoor plants, ZZ plant is at the top of the list. They are beautiful plants with characteristic thick and glossy leaves. Suitable for brightening the darkest corners of your home.
Because ZZ plant is a plant that can grow healthy even in a dark room.

2. Adiantum Pedatum


Adiantum pedatum is the second indoor plant that can survive even in the darkest room. This plant is a family of ferns, they are known by another name Northern maidenhair fern.
Leaves with bright green color can brighten your room.

3. Cast Iron Plant


As the name implies, Cast iron plant is one of plants that are easy to grow and survive in all conditions. Such as a low-light room or in a shaded place.
The plant is also safe for pets.

4. Dieffenbachia Seguine


If the plat was previously friendly to pets. The following plants are not safe for pets and children.
Known by the name of Dumb cane, it is a plant with beautiful leaves of white green shades. Suitable for home decoration.

5. Fittonia sp. or Nerve plant


If you're looking for a tiny plant that can survive in the darkest corner of the room, try to grow a nerve plant.
The plant has a popular character with stunningly patterned, awesome leaves. Suitable for growing for home and office.

6. Lucky bamboo. 


This plant is believed to bring good luck if grown at home. Lucky bamboo is also often used as a gift, because of its attractive shape.
Fortunately, lucky bamboo is a low-maintenance plant, and can even survive well in dark spaces.

7. Ponytail Palm


Ponytail palm is an indoor plant that is easy to grow and adapts quickly to all environments, including dark rooms.
The plant has a characteristic, unique stem of a large shape. They grow well without requiring special care

Those are houseplants you can grow in even the darkest corners. We hope it is useful.

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