7 Unusual Flowers - That Looks Like Something Else

Homifine.com -- Aside from their beauty, many flowers have a strange look that makes anyone look twice because they may resemble something else.  These flowers are also popular because they have unique and uncommon shapes. You can also have and collect these strange flowers to make anyone wonder when they visit your home. Check out 7 Unusual Flowers - That Looks Like Something Else.

Calceolaria uniflora


This plant with the first unique flower has brownish yellow and orange colors. Its white pistils look like eyes. Many people look at it like an alien, but many call it a penguin with pouches. This plant is native to South America and is commonly found in the mountains with a height of 10 cm.

Strelitzia 'Bird of paradise'


If you hear the name, of course you already imagine how the flower shape looks like a bird of paradise with a beautiful color. When they bloom, they look like flapping wings flying through the air. Bird of paradise is a tropical plant that loves bright light for its sharply colored flowers.

Impatiens bequaertii


One of these impatiens varieties has a strange but not scary look. If you see them for the first time, you'll probably agree that they look like dancing girls in adorable white dresses. These plants grow like orchids and can be grown in medium-sized pots to make decorative house plants.

Psychotria elata


These bright red, lip-like blossoms will surely amaze anyone with how they look so much like lips. With this unique flower with a sharp color, it will attract animals to help pollinate it.

Bushman pipe


This is one of those strange-looking flowering cacti. They look like pipes and sacs that have fingers that curl up. Just like other cacti and succulents, don't over water them and place them in a well-lit to partially shaded area.

Bee orchid


Orchids are also one of the plants with a variety of strange flowers that you can see here.  For this one variety, they look like bees attached to the orchid stalk. The bee with dark purple looks so obvious when it is around the light purple petals as in the picture.



Parrot flowers 'Impatiens Psittacina'


This is another impatiens variety with a distinctive form. They resemble parrots, with their adorable beak features. One of the things that makes it famous is its beautiful purple color.





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