Hoya Plants Family - 7 Pretty Varieties that Must Have

Homifine.com -- Hoya is one of the plants that can be grown by anyone, even beginners. The easy maintenance and beautiful appearance of hoya make it very popular among houseplant lovers. Hoya can also flower, releasing a pleasant and subtle scent. For some hoya varieties that you can have, check out Hoya Plants Family - 7 Pretty Varieties that Must Have.

Hoya Bella


Hoya bella has green leaves that look ordinary, but when the flowers have bloomed, they will be a stunning houseplant. The flowers are predominantly white with a purplish color in the center. With just this hoya bella, you can make your room look more alive.

Hoya Pubicalyx


The oval and pointed leaves do look the same as the previous variety. They will probably look like the same hoya when the flowers have not yet bloomed. However, when the flowers bloom, you will notice the difference color of the flowers. The flowers of this hoya pubicalyx have an attractive blackish-red color.

Hoya Kerrii


Well, for this one, of course, the difference is already visible and you can mark it with thick heart-shaped leaves. Even if you combine it with other hoya, you will easily memorize that this is hoya kerrii. They also have more white and red flowers than hoya bella.

Hoya Australis Lisa


This hoya variety is characterized by oval-shaped leaves with green and reddish pink colors on some of its leaves. The combination of green and pink colors on one stem is one of the beauties offered from this hoya. Because they can grow vines, use trellis as in the picture so that they grow more regularly.

Hoya Linearis


Hoya Linearis may look like a trailing succulent if you only look at its leaves. They have toothpick-like leaves with a green color and pointed tips. The flowers are shaped like other hoya and have a pretty white color.

Hoya Compacta


The curled leaves on this Hoya Compacta look very unique and strange. They look like lipstick plants at first glance but when viewed in more detail have different curves and colors.

Hoya Carnosa


The last variety has green leaves with distinctive white edges. They also have shades of pink in some of their leaves, adding to the distinctiveness compared to other hoya varieties.





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