Simple Ways to Propagate Your Plants -- Before we get to the main discussion, do you know what propagation is? Propagation is the process of propagating a plant into a new one by taking part of the stem of a plant that has grown to maturity. There are many ways to propagate this plant. This time we will give you 5 easy ways to propagate your plants, check out Simple Ways to Propagate Your Plants.



Leca usually has a small round shape with a brown color that can keep the pot moist because it stores water well. When you use leca for your plant propagation, use clean leca and wet it for 24 hours before use. Then pour the leca halfway into the container and insert the cuttings before you fill the pot with leca. Water regularly to keep it moist.

Sphagnum moss


In addition to propagation, many plants are also grown on this sphagnum moss. The mixture does not stagnate water but still provides moisture for the cuttings. Just like leca, you can wet it first before use. Then, place your propagated plants in a warm, bright area with indirect light.



Water propagation is also a popular one. All you need is water and a glass. Cleaned stem pieces can be submerged in the bottom few inches and wait for a few months for strong roots that are ready to be transplanted into pots.



Propagation in soil will be easier for plants to adapt to. Use a quality soil mix and choose a pot with good drainage. Make sure to keep the soil moist during propagation.



Perlite is the next way to propagate your plants. Rinse the perlite first before use. Be careful when using perlite, it will be safer if you use a mask and gloves. The use of perlite is very effective for your cuttings because it hydrates and oxygenates the roots.






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