Plant for Beginners - How to Care for Snake Plant -- Snake plant is a plant that can be owned by anyone even for those of you who are not experts. They are very easy to care for and perfect for beginners as they can live independently in many conditions. However, that doesn't mean they don't require any maintenance. If you want to know more, check out Plant for Beginners - How to Care for Snake Plant.





 Snake plant is classified as a succulent that likes sandy soil so avoid using soil that contains a lot of peat because it can hold a lot of water which causes the snake plant to wilt and even rot. Use a loose and well-drained soil mixture.


The placement of the snake plant is also important because it will determine the light that will be obtained. Snake plant likes warm areas with indirect light. Place it a few steps away from the windowsill. When the leaves are green and wilted, it is a sign of low light and when they dry out, it is a sign of too much light.


A lot of water is not favored by snake plants so you need to pay proper attention to its condition. Water once a week and allow the soil to dry well between watering to prevent root rot. Reduce the watering intensity when winter comes.


In fact, fertilization is not so vital to caring for snake plants. However, if you want to see them grow faster, giving them regular fertilization can be important. You can do this in spring and summer. Avoid using more than the required amount as it will burn the roots and leaves.


Snake plant propagation is one of the easiest compared to other plants. Several ways can be done, one of which is by placing the cuttings in water until they grow roots before being transferred to a pot. Choose healthy cuttings and use clean and sharp scissors so that the snake plant can grow well.

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