7 Tips to Start Stylish Balcony Ideas


7 Tips to Start Stylish Balcony Ideas

Homifine.com -- Revive your outdoor space will be an interesting and amazing place to enjoy. One of them is the balcony, which is the best place to improve the outdoors by presenting a variety of beautiful decorations to plant accents that are the easiest to do. For those of you who still have an outdoor area that is not so wide as a balcony, you can listen to the following 7 Tips to Start Stylish Balcony Ideas:

Turn on the balcony with colored container

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Create an attractive balcony display by beautifying all balcony details using beautiful colorful container. Present detailed dimensions in special areas such as walls, or an easy one is land covered with ornamental grass.

Add custom furniture

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If usually the balcony of the house is only devoted to plants, this time you can make it like a comfortable home living room or a relaxing spot. Consider the use of chairs, coffee tables to some decoration items, such as a fence for a vertical garden.

Two different functions


Having a small balcony at home is not a problem to try out interesting decorations around it. You can use two functions at once, for example with a place for ornamental plants or a relaxing spot on the floor equipped with carpets to cushions for sitting cushions.

Make it as simple as possible


Instead of as a place for ornamental plants. You can design and create a home balcony with a nice look and a little stand-out. A narrow can be made simpler with an open concept and an accent of fresh green scenery that is loose.

Choose a balcony with a vertical garden

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Before choosing a balcony for a special area and relaxing space. You can around the balcony how spacious and important it is to be a relaxing place. Carefully, you can maximize this balcony with a vertical garden to provide limitations and the availability of space that is not so wide.

Dry garden on the balcony


So this next idea is easy for you to do and try to apply it at home. Using selected plants such as succulents or cacti, you can use the concept of a dry garden with easy maintenance, and it's okay to ignore it.

Balcony with hanging plants


With a size that is not so much, you can design a home balcony with simple items and easy ornamental plants. With hanging plants, you can bring the balcony to look like layers and provide a coffee table and chairs to sit and drink a cup of coffee.

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