7 Best Beautiful Houseplant for Hanging Baskets

7 Best Beautiful Houseplant for Hanging Baskets

Homifine.com -- Plants can bring peace into the home and brighten up when placed anywhere. Choosing indoor plants is the best way to make your space more attractive and the atmosphere more beautiful. Choose plants with hanging baskets that can invite uplifting decorations and natural effects.

Spider plant


Spider plant is an extraordinary plant that is very attractive to be used as hanging plant. You can choose this plant as an ornamental plant that grows well in direct sunlight and will flower when the plant is mature. You need to make sure to water this plant only when the soil is dry.

Sedum Morganianum


Next is a list of burro tails, which are beautiful succulents with thick, fleshy leaves. Very suitable for corner rooms with hanging baskets, you can care for this plant with low maintenance and love bright light.



This small type of succulent with the name haworthia is currently the choice of ornamental plant lovers. A small shape, with attractive colors, will be very fitting to fill a room or table at home. These green leaves with various shades are less complicated to care for. You can give him water, sunlight and fertilizer that has been determined.

Pencil cactus


This cactus with tiny pencil-like stems can grow 30 feet tall and over 6 feet tall when indoors. This plant does not tolerate low light, so the sun can be placed directly around the windowsill. You can do routine maintenance and make it a hanging plant.

Pothos plant


The most common houseplants are pothos which are the best plants to place in hanging baskets. Care is very easy, with negligent watering and grows very quickly. You can spread and prune it periodically so that it grows lush and dense.



The next is a begonia plant that is suitable as an ornamental plant that hangs on the terrace of the house. Whether, for indoor or outdoor areas, this plant will dazzle with fairly easy care. You can choose various types to get a complete collection as a garden filler at home.

Boston fern


Ferns are well-known houseplants and are very moisture-loving. Over the years, this plant is very fond of humidity, when you live in a dry area spraying water for several times need to be considered. Place it in the corner of the room with a hanging basket that looks beautiful and attractive for room decoration.

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