7 Plants To Dress Up Your Balcony And Patio

 Homifine.com - Dressing up your home can increase the view. You can make mini garden for fresh and make good air at your spot. Then, we have some of 7 Plants To Dress Up Your Balcony And Patio that can make inspire for your home decoration.



Put lavender at your balcony or patio area. This perennial flower blooms for a long time and offer a wonderful perfume that will transport to the Mediterranean. To be known, Lavender need full sun to grow well.



Stunning and attractive flower like Fuchsia, perfect for your balcony or patio decoration. This annual flower can grow in shades of pink, red, or purple. And you can grow this flower at baskets and hang it for simple and efficient. Fuchsia need full shade to grow well.



Other way, best plants that suitable for your balcony or patio are Lobelia. Lobelia can grow in morning sun and afternoon shade, but it will okay in mostly shade. Low growing blue, purple, or white lobelia looks amazing cascading from containers and baskets. If stop flowering, trim it back, and it'll rebound when cool weather returns.

Alyssum and Snake Plants


Sweet Alyssum has delicate, sweetly scented blooms and flowers from spring to frost. This plant needs sun but tolerates some shade. And for the snake plants, it perfect for put at balcony or patio. And it'll be okay to placed at indoor area. With low maintain plants, you just make watering between the soil dry out.



Include tropical and subtropical plants, Heliconia are vigorous growers and with more than 500 species. You can put this plant at balcony or patio that can increase the vibes. Then, you can put at corner area to fill the empty space.



Hibiscus is the one of exotic blooms and rich colors of flowers that make beautiful your balcony and patio area. The plants can be overwintered indoors, though it's a bit tricky because they need full sun.

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