7 Ideas to Decorate Garden Terrace and increase the atmosphere


Homifine.com -- The terrace is the most important area to represent the charming look of the house. The existence of a terrace that is considered very important is an important concern to be designed and decorated properly. One effort that can be made to display a terrace that has a high aesthetic value is to use it as a garden that can be used as well as a decoration that beautifies the appearance of the house. For this reason, the following Homifine.com will provide inspiration about 7 Ideas to Decorate Garden Terrace.


 Garden Arrangement on the Terrace Wall


This idea uses a clever way to organize a garden on the terrace by arranging it on a shelf attached to the terrace wall. Because it has a low wall, this plant is also arranged on an empty upper wall.

Neat Arrangement of Plant Terraces


This terrace garden arrangement uses a neat arrangement by using a shelf in a small plant pot. In large plants, you can use large pots to arrange other parts that further enhance the appearance of the house.

Terrace as a Living Room Surrounded by Plants


Having a living room on the terrace can be a smart idea, so that privacy at home is maintained from guests who come. You can combine this living area with your terrace garden. Surrounded by plants on this terrace will create a fresh and green view for guests who are visiting.

Stick the Pot on the Terrace Wall


Even having a limited terrace is not an obstacle for those of you who want to create a garden on the terrace. In order not to interfere with the function of the terrace, you can use this arrangement idea as a very smart choice. Use wooden boards arranged attached to the wall which can then be used as a shelf to arrange a neater garden and of course beautiful to look at.

Randomly Arranged Plants


In order to give the impression of an earthy natural garden, you can use this random model arrangement to give the impression of being in nature. However, to still give a neat impression, use plants in pots that can limit plant growth that is still controlled.

Hanging Garden on the Terrace


In addition to the arrangement of hanging plants, you can use this one idea to outsmart a narrow terrace but want to present a garden in it. This arrangement uses pots that are hung on the roof of the terrace. Selection of plants with hanging growth will be very beautiful to be applied hanging.

The Use of Standard Shelves on the Terrace


To give a neat and simple impression on the terrace, you can use shelves as plant storage and to arrange plants on the terrace to have a neat and clean appearance. The selection of similar pot colors will also give a much neater appearance.

That's 7 Ideas to Decorate Garden Terrace. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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