7 Best Terrace Gardening Ideas & Terrace Garden Easy Guide


Homifine.com -- To make a beautiful terrace, you can arrange every element neatly. You can start thinking about a theme that suits the style of the house. The terrace is also the first someone will see when it comes to your home. Therefore, you should be able to decorate the terrace to look more charming.

Wondering how to decorate the terrace? Here are the 7 best terrace gardening ideas & terrace garden easy guide that you can apply at home!

Beautiful terrace with hanging plants


If you have a small terrace land, you can try using hanging plants to beautify the look. It doesn't take up much space, you just hang it n the canopy of terrace. Choose a type of hanging plant that has easy care.

Terrace with a cool garden


The expanse of green grass managed to make the atmosphere of the garden more refreshing. In addition, green grass also makes a wider garden impression. The patio yard is filled with various types of plants that beautify the overall look of the house.

Complete the terrace of the house with a fishpond


The existence of a fishpond on the terrace can make the entire terrace look more beautiful and full of comfort. The gurgling of water form the fishpond makes the terrace are very suitable for use as a place of healing.

Terrace with plant decorations


The presence of greenery on the terrace is one of the things that you should not miss. In addition to beautifying the terrace, it is also creates a cooler terrace atmosphere. The trick is easy. put the plants lined neatly in every corner of the terrace.

Terrace with textured floor


For the front porch base, you should choose textures floor material. This is so that the surface is not slippery when exposed to rain. You can choose ceramic wood patterns for a more aesthetic look.

Refreshing terrace garden


If you want to create a fresher terrace atmosphere by using a beautiful green color. Especially with a stretch of green grass to coat the surface of the garden, perfecting of the terrace that is soothing to the eyes.

Patio garden with coral rock


Many materials that you can use to make the terrace garden look more beautiful. One of them is an aesthetic coral rock. Choose a type of coral rock with bright colors to get a cleaner and wider garden look.

That's 7 best terrace gardening ideas & terrace garden easy guide that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

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