7 Small Space Gardening Ideas

7 Small Space Gardening Ideas

Homifine.com -- There are various ideas for remodeling a small garden that utilizes a narrow area in the house. Creative ways you can do to start a style of gardening easily at home. By utilizing a small area, you can create easily without obstacles. You can use fewer ideas that are too crowded and switch to a more effective small garden idea.

 Blend of water elements for a small home garden


This idea will create a new atmosphere in the home environment, especially small garden areas that are very influential on the environment. The concepts of semi-urban jungle provides strong dominance with an orderly garden order. Even vines, you will be able to make the choice when designing a small garden at home.

Landscape of the trail


The next alternative is a small garden with landscaping combined with a path in the middle of the land. This small garden idea you need to combine with some other accents such as ornamental plants to land covered with ornamental grass.

Fresh side of the fence with shrub plants


Mini gardens will be increasingly popular among garden lovers whose space is limited. But nowadays, you can take advantage of a small area that is limited with all kinds of plants. For example, with shrub plants that are on the side of the fence of the house for a more stylish look.

Small garden with relaxing spots


The next idea will be an interesting inspiration in a small land. Various types of tropical concept plants will complement the landscape at home so complete. Fill the periphery with the land regularly such as Monstera, Alocasia or other types of green leafy plants that are memorable tropical.

Corner of the land with the concept of a dry garden


Even on a small land. Creating a home garden will be a top priority that you can apply. The concept of a dry garden by utilizing a corner of the land like this is good to use a combination of rocks for land cover, the selection of plants. In the condition of the open land, you can provide shade such as a canopy to slightly reduce the heat.

Small garden under the stairs


This next idea will make the land in your house more interesting. This small garden makes use of under the stairs that can be combined with a fishpond for a more refreshing tropical feet.

Especially with the presence of towering tall trees provide a more shady and soothing shade.

Small garden with desert plants


With the theme of desert, the narrow land in the house, you can change to the concept of a dry and open garden. Types of cactus plants dominate the garden at home neatly as well as sand for the cover of the land.

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