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Homifine.com -- Many people let what looks small but can actually function into several things. One of the lands that is often left vacant is a small area beside the house. In fact, if managed and decorated properly, it can be a beautiful land and very comfortable to use. Are you one of those people who let the narrow land in your beside house become empty land? Let's see the following information about 7 Awesome Ideas Change Narrow Beside the House Space Wisely.

Small Garden with Fish Pond

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You can use your vacant land as a small garden filled with pots. Besides that, to add variety, you can add a small fish pond in the opposite side of your row of small pots. Add a small stone so it doesn't get muddy because of your fish pond.

 As a Place to Relax

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Apart from being a garden, you can add some chairs in the area beside your house to talk with your family or friends. Don't forget to add an umbrella to block your relaxing place from the hot sun, and add some kinds of plants so that your relaxing area is cooler and shady.
As an Outdoor Living Room

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You can use this unique idea for decorating the side of the house so that it can function optimally. You can use it as an outdoor living room, so guests don't need to enter the house. Besides that, you can also use it to relax with your family.
As an Open Bathroom with a Garden
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Take advantage of your vacant land by using it as an open bathroom where you can shower and some soap for bathing. Besides that, add some plants that can make your bathroom cooler. Don't forget to provide a drain so that your bathroom doesn't get muddy.

Beautiful Garden Landscaping

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 Use the landscaping garden to take advantage of the empty area you have. With the right arrangement and varied components will add to the beautiful garden area next to the house. Add gravel to fill the path to the house. And use the path to make it cleaner.

Private Living Room with Your Colleague

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So that the atmosphere of the conversation is more private, you can use it as a private living room. The addition of a few sofas and a table will add to the comfort of your living room and private meeting. are you interested in trying it?

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