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Homifine.com -- Landscaping on an empty area around your house is the right choice for decorating your land. You can decorate the area that you want to make landscaping into a shady and green garden and you can make it a comfortable relaxing area. With the right arrangement, you can maximize your land much more comfortably than unplanned land. If you want to get more information about landscaping arrangements on your home land, you can refer to some of the following information about 7 Landscaping Ideas, Chilling Corner, Shady Atmosphere. 
Use a lot of Plants to Keep it Cool and Shady
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The many plants that you use in the landscaping area in the garden behind your house can add to the atmosphere of your garden to be more shady. You will always feel fresh when visiting your garden which is surrounded by many plants. You can also add chairs as an option for a place to relax.

Adding a Pond for a Cold Garden

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In addition to the garden with the addition of many plants, you can also add a fish pond to make the landscaping area more beautiful. The addition of this pond can add to your garden area to be more varied and also add the cool and splashing natural atmosphere.

a Garden with Big Trees to make it more Shady

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Don't cut down the trees that you already have in your home area, because you can add a beautiful garden around the trees you already have. The existence of these trees also adds to the atmosphere of your friends to be more shady and of course also more shady. Even if you want to sit back and relax in the garden area, you can sit under the shade of a tree that you have.

Bamboo to Shade the Chair

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One of the plant options that you can use to add shade to your garden is the selection of garden bamboo trees that you can plant i n large quantities, with the many bamboo plants in your garden will add to the shade of your garden. Don't forget to add a bench under the bamboo plant, so you can talk more comfortably without significant distractions from the sun.

Additional Hanging Plants to Keep the Terrace More Shady

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The hanging plants that you add in the landscaping area behind your house will help the back patio area from the hot sun. The addition of hanging plants can also be a sight when you relax in the back seat of the house while enjoying a cup of coffe in the morning.

Additional Beanbag in the Corner of the Garden

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To display a more relaxed area in your landscaping area, you can add a beanbag that you can place in a corner of the garden that has tall plants so that when you relax you find more comfort, because the atmosphere is cooler and shady.

Additional Semi-enclosed seats

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The arrangement of the garden area that you can use an idea this time utilizes a large semi-open circle chair that you can place in your garden area while enjoying the garden without worrying about the scorching sun because of the help of your multi functional chair. The addition of this chair can add aesthetic value to the garden area that you have.

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