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Homifine.com -- For those of you who have a residence with a minimalist land, of course it is not a secret if you have to be good managing every corner of the house to the maximum. The use of the room must be properly planned. One of the mandatory rooms in a house is the kitchen. The selection of the location of the kitchen must also be considered to be more precise in its arrangement. This time, let's look at some information about 7 Separate Kitchen Ideas so you can plan and rearrange your kitchen well.

Kitchen Opposite the Living Room

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You can use the semi-open kitcehen area with the living room area. But so that your cooking atmosphere remainds more comfortable you can use the wall that surrounds the room by providing an open area as big as a door that can still connect the kitchen with the living room area.

Kitchen Near Indoor Garden

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The kitchen which is located near the garden is also an option for those of you who have a kitchen with a large area. You can use part of the room for the kitchen and some of the other room for indoor garden. however, in order not to give the impression of being unified, you can separate it by using the floor area you are using. You can use smooth floors in the kitchen area, and grass in the garden.


Separate Kitchen with Living Room


You can apply the selection of a kitchen adjacent to the family room in your home. By being close to each other, it will make it more fun for you to prepare snacks for the family who is watching television in the family room which is near the kitchen. But to separate the kitchen area from the family room, you can make half a wall for insulation between rooms, but still open to each other.


Separating the Kitchen from the Dining Table

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The separation of the kitchen area this time with the dining table in one room. Limiting one area to another can use different floor materials from one place to another. You can use a wooden floor for another room, while you can use a different floor for the kitchen.

Dividing Floor with Different Height

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 With the placement of the dining room near the kitchen will save more time to prepare food at the dining table. But in the same place you can separate the kitchen from the dining table based on the floor you application. You can apply a lower floor for the dining table and a higher floor for the kitchen.


Use Carpets in the Dining Table Area

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One option to distinguish the area that is integrated with the kitchen is the use of carpets in other areas. You can use a carpet as wide as the dining table to separate the kitchen from the dining table in your room.

Concrete Divider as Well as Dining Table

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You can also apply the use of a kitchen set that uses concrete kitchen. But your concrete dining table can also be used as a divider between other rooms such as the partition between the living room and family room in your tiny house. 




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