7 Best Plant You Should Grow On The Kitchen Windowsill


Homifine.com -- Indoor plants are increasingly popular and much loved by many people. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the interior of the kitchen, ornamental plants can also improve the air quality in the room.

There are several types of indoor plants that are suitable to be placed in the kitchen area. Here are the 7 best plant you should grow on the kitchen windowsill that inspires you!

Beautiful kitchen with bonsai

The first kitchen idea was made simple, and there were not many decorating ornaments. A bonsai placed on the kitchen table managed to make the look more elegant. Combine it with hanging plants near the window for a more refreshing atmosphere.

Cool kitchen with Ficus lyrata


Make your cooking experience more enjoyable by presenting indoor Ficus Lyrata plants. Place it near the window because this plant likes sunlight, even though indirectly.

Hanging plant in the kitchen


Not only one type of plant, you can design a kitchen with several types of plants. Use hanging plants to beautify the room while making the atmosphere cooler.

ZZ Plant in the kitchen


Indoor plant recommendations for the next dream kitchen are ZZ plant. This plant has unique leaves and stems, and is adaptable indoors. This plant is also suitable for those of you who do not have much time to take care of the plant.

Charming Kitchen With Monstera


Monstera is one of the types of plants that are popular and widely liked because it has a unique leaf shape. The treatment is also easy, so this plant you can put in various rooms, including the kitchen.

Aesthetic kitchen with Maidenhair fern


Maidenhair fern is one type of suitable indoor plant placed near the sink. This plant like a humid atmosphere, with an unique leaf shape. In addition to beautiful, the existence of this plant creates maximum comfort.

Beautiful kitchen with golden pothos

Golden pothos are the most commonly used plants as kitchen decorations. In addition to its easy treatment, the beautiful shape of the leave managed to make the house feel cooler. Place it in the corner of the kitchen window to obtain a natural light supply.

That's the 7 best plant you should grow on the kitchen windowsill recommendation that can inspire you. Which plant is your favorite?

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