7 Styling Trick That Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger

Homifine.com -- There are many ways to deal with a small living room, starting from the selection of colors, decorations, and also the arrangement. Don't let the small living room you have feel boring and also disturb the comfort of guests. Even though you don't have a large area, at least you can provide guests with a comfortable room and distract guests from the small space you have with the right styling. For those of you who have a small living room, see the following review of 7 Styling Tricks That Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger.

Living Room with Bohemian Decor


This green living room has a Bohemian concept that seems relaxed and comfortable even though it's small. This relaxed atmosphere is presented with a distinctive bohemian-style decoration and provides its own comfort for guests.


Earth-tone Color with Character


Paying attention to the concept in the living room to make it look character can also be an option that you can apply to a small living room. The use of earth-tone colors is even more soothing with the surrounding greenery.



Elegant Classic Design


This small living room has a conceptual look with the use of classic interior design and furnishings. The use of a classic concept in this living room will create an elegant impression and give a radiance of beauty that distracts from the living room you have.



 Neat Arrangement


Apart from decoration, this small living room looks beautiful because of its arrangement, which gives a neat and orderly impression. The use of a sofa cover in this living room makes a clean look, equipped with sofa cushions that have soft colors with a contemporary pattern.



Soft Color Selection


The use of soft colors in this small living room will provide maximum light with a thorough spread throughout the room. With the use of this soft color will make a dazzling wide and elegant appearance.



Simple Single Chair


The use of a small chair in this living room can be an idea that you can apply to maximize the small room you have. The 2 single chairs that you have can give an intense impression when talking with guests.



Open Plan Room Concept


If you have a small living room, use the open plan concept that comes without a partition and combines it with other areas in one room. The use of this concept can give the impression of being spacious, bright, and fresh because of the smooth circulation.




That's 7 Styling Trick That Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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