7 Indoor Plants that Absorb CO2 at Night

7 Indoor Plants that Absorb CO2 at Night

Homifine.com -- Oxygen is a basic need that everyone needs. In addition to the oxygen that is important for breathing, meanwhile, there is  carbon dioxide that needs to be removed during the respiratory process. Well it anticipated dioxide carbon sucked into the lungs, you can get around it with the presence of ornamental plants. Here are some of the best houseplants that absorb CO2, the types below:



The firs ornamental plant that can absorb CO2 at night is kalanchoe. This plant is very efficient to make the atmosphere and air around the room so fresher and make the breath more relieved.



Orchid plants are also one of the ornamental plants that have been observed for quite a long time and useful for the absorption of CO2 at night. With this plant, is will make your sleep more sound and calm.

Snake plant


Many people's dream plant is the snake plant. According to scientific, ornamental plants can grow easily and care lightly. This plant has many benefits, including absorbing CO2 as much as 0.49 ppm / m3 in a closed system.

Wax Plant


Hoya carnosa or wax plant is a plant with shiny leaves because of the way layer. Plants such as ropes save water and can absorb CO2 at night, can survive when dry or in a dry room.

Areca Palm


If you want to make the interior of the room more tropical, this ornamental plant thrives indoors or outdoors. Plants that can also absorb CO2 night is very appropriate if you place it in the corner of the bedroom to the bathroom.

Aloe Vera


This succulent aloe vera plant has interesting treatment and includes great indoor plants. Because, aloe vera can make stomata at night to reduce the amount of water. The C2 it obtains will be stored in the vacuole as a malate.

ZZ plant


Some researchers have summarized again that the ZZ plant is an ideal plant for bedrooms that can absorb CO2 at night. In addition to the advantages of these plants, ZZ plant can keep the room in the house healthy and fresh when inhaled.

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