7 Beautiful Small Garden and Landscaping Ideas

7 Beautiful Small Garden and Landscaping Ideas

Homifine.com -- Garden and landscaping are two combinations that may often be used to complement the work environment at home. Creativity and additional trick, having a garden and landscaping will be a new inspiration that you can try in time and over again. You need to start the idea by including some decorative accents, furniture to important elements to support the stunning landscape look. Even the size of a patch of you can change neatly and charmingly. You can check out the review below:

Take over the corner of the room evenly


This first home garden idea will be very interesting for your owners of small size space. You can turn into an attractive home garden using container arrangement of cement mixtures that are printed and form a plant sleep theme. Fill it with three plants in each container, and choose a type of plant that is easy to care for.

Make an attractive leaf fence


To get to the landscaping area and garden of the house, you have to go through a beautiful garden with the shade of a hedge and formed like a cassock. Each side looks quite private with a high leaf fence that is impossible to see.

Create corners with coral rocks


So that your small home garden can be enjoyed throughout the day with a corner garden that has an interesting natural blend. Garden houses with natural rocks is perfect to create a refreshing visual.

Create a shady island park


To fill the landscape space at home neatly, you can make an island accent in the garden of the house by presenting branched trees and providing shade to the lower area. The combination of vertical garden can also be used regularly and the addition of perfect natural rock elements.

Layered pool corner


Make the most of the pool area at home, appropriately and regularly using a variety of ornamental plants that surround the edge of the pool. You can make it look layered with a selection of plants that are low to high, arranged from front to back.

Give the path


Home garden will be perfect if it has the completeness of elements and elements that support the look. The path is an interesting idea for you to combine in the landscape of the house with the shape of a curve and use a pavement of natural rocks or cement that has been printed.

More detailed multifunctional space


Take advantage of small land that has been covered with pavement and turn it into a plot of home garden with ornamental plants to make it more natural. Also prepare with some other accents or elevate it to provide a dominant elevation.

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