7 Hard To Kill Houseplants That Will Thrive In Your Home


Homeshabby.com -- Having a busy time will certainly make it difficult when you want to have plants in the house. Plants are also gaining popularity as home decorations that provide many benefits. However, many people are discouraged from having plants just because they are afraid that they will not be able to take good care of them. When in fact, this can be tricked by choosing the type of plant that has easy maintenance, so it is difficult to die even with minimal maintenance, and is suitable for those of you who have a busy time. What are these plants? You can read to it in the following article about 7 Hard To Kill Houseplants That Will Thrive In Your Home.

Zz Plant

The first plant that you can choose is the zz plant. Besides having easy care, this plant, is also known as a lucky plant. It would be very suitable to be placed as a complement to the decoration of the room. Its thick leaves make it not easy to fall off, and avoid areas that are dirty due to plants.

Peace Lily


Compared to excessive watering, this peace lily plant prefers less watering. This will be very suitable for those of you who have a busy time. But that doesn't mean you can ignore it, you can water it when the soil is dry. This plant can also have white flowers that look elegant, it can be a pleasure when you are able to make it flower.


Air Plant


Perhaps this would be the perfect choice if you want a plant that is hard to die with minimal maintenance. This air plant has the name Tillandsia which can grow without a planting medium in the form of soil. Usually, people hang it to maximize its growth. Watering can be done every 2-3 weeks, because these plants get nutrients from the absorption of the surrounding air. You will consider it a magical plant because of its uniqueness.





It is well known to many that succulents can be the best choice for nominations for hard-to-die plants. This type of desert plant is certainly very tolerant of warm temperatures and minimal watering. The various types are also things that many people are interested in taking care of.


Snake Plant


The snake plant is a popular houseplant with easy care so that it does not die easily. The thick leaves make it have a neat appearance and complement the refreshing home interior. You can also maintain it according to the type you like, because this snake plant also has various types with different shapes and sizes.

Pothos Plant


Pothos plant is not only a plant that has easy care, but also a perfect natural air purifier. Its protruding growth makes it perfect for hanging it. Choose a place that requires fresh air, such as a bedroom, so that your rest is of better quality.



Rubber Plant


The last type of plant that can be an option to be planted at home is the rubber plant. This plant usually has a large size compared to other houseplants. Its strong trunk will allow it to survive better and make it impossible to die. You can take care of it by watering it not too often and the lighting it needs is indirect light, which will make it very suitable as a plant in the house.






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