7 Inventive Ideas for That Space Under the Stairs

Homifine.com -- Do you have room left under the stairs? The space under the stairs often left empty or abandoned. In fact, if designed properly, you can turn the space under the stair into a useful space. There are many ideas of space under the stairs that will help you save the capacity of the available room.
To add to your references, we've compiled 7 inventive ideas for that under the stairs that can inspire you! Are you ready? Let's check out the review below!

1. TV room under the stairs


Having a small house requires you to be more creative to design each room to keep it functional. The first smart idea is to use the space under the stairs into  TV room.
The design of the TV room is multifunctional, with a cabinet that you can use to store various other electronic equipment.

2. Bathroom under that stairs


If usually the space under the stairs is identical to a dark and stuffy room. Unlike the design of this one bathroom, although it is under stairs, but with a bright interior makes the room look brighter and more comfortable. You can combine with monochrome accents for a more stylish room look.

3. Laundry room under the stairs


To help you save the available space, you can use the built-in furniture in the basement under the stairs. That way, the appearance of the room also look neater and organized. On the right side of the room used as a functional laundry room.

4. Garden design under the stairs


The presence of garden at home is proven to create a cooler room atmosphere. Well, you can try to make a garden under beautiful stairs. The trick is easy, you can put a variety of refreshing greenery.

5. Design of the workspace under the stairs


Another smart idea under the stairs that you can apply at home is a minimalist workspace. Although not too spacious, the owner designed the workspace with a simple design. Not many decorations used, and the white domineering decoration makes the room look more relieved.

6. Kitchen under stairs


One line kitchen design looks functional under the stairs. To make a one line kitchen does not require a lot of room capacity, you can also freely more when on the move. It is recommended to design a kitchen under the stairs with a simple design to avoid a full impression on the room.

7. Mini library under stairs


If you have a hobby of ready, of course presenting a  mini library at home is a dream, right? You can realize a mini library under the stairs, you can use functional shelves to store various books of your collection. That wat, the room will look neater and organized.

That's the review of 7 inventive ideas for that space under the stairs. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you.

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