How To Care For Begonias As Houseplant -- Begonia is one of the popular plants as decorations or as houseplants. The beauty of the leaves is one of the attractions that makes it so much owned. Not only that, begonias also have many types, of course, you can choose according to your wishes. However, before making it a houseplant, you need to know the right care so that it doesn't die easily. For the care of this begonia plant, see the following review on How To Care For Begonias As Houseplant.



Location selection


The first thing you need to pay attention to when you have a begonia plant is the area that you must choose correctly. This begonia is a tropical plant that likes moist places, so make sure that you place it in a room with a humid temperature so that it can adapt quickly and maximize its growth.




For lighting, this begonia plant likes indirect and warm sunlight. So you also need to move it occasionally to an area that has indirect sunlight, such as near a window, to maximize photosynthesis. If you place it in an area that has intense sunlight, it will damage the plant. You can also place it close to other plants to keep it moist and shady when exposed to sunlight.




Even though it comes from a humid tropical forest, you need to pay attention to watering. This begonia plant does not like excessive watering because it will bring many diseases. You don't need to water the begonias intensely. Water when the soil starts to dry, so as not to disturb it due to watering too often.


Pot selection


The thing that is no less important when you have begonias as houseplants is the selection of pots. You should have a pot that has lots of holes to keep water from pooling in it, and the soil remains moist, so you don't have to worry about your plants rotting. You also need to think about when your begonia has grown up. Immediately to repot so that the roots can grow well and have maximum growth.

Begonia for pets


The last thing you need to know when caring for begonia plants, is it safe for pets? This begonia has a poison that you must keep away from pets, so they don't eat the leaves. This plant has a lot of oxalate in its roots, which can cause poisoning and diarrhea in your pets.





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