7 Easy to Grow Plants that Thrive in Terrariums

7 Easy to Grow Plants that Thrive in Terrariums

Homifine.com -- Grow plants with new methods such as terrarium that are in a small room like a glass jar. Step by step, you can use this terrarium method with a variety of plants of choice that you are sure you can know what the plants are. As the plant of choice, you can see the type below:


Golden pothos


It is a popular with easy care that you can plant in soil or water media to terrarium like this. Leaves shape the heart with a golden hue that is suitable to be placed indoors.



The next beautiful plant growing inside the terrarium is lilies. Beautiful plants with beautiful flowers that have many varieties, you can choose a few to fill the room at home. Even with low light, this plant still grows and lives flowering.



A favorite vine that is easy to grow with the predominance of purple color is tradescantia. In addition to easy to grow and easy care, this plant is very beautiful to be placed in terrarium or planted in water. You need patience to grow your new roots.

Air plant


Terrarium by choosing air plants is very promising for you to grow without soil. This plant needs nutrients that can be channeled from its leaves. The flowers of this plant are amazing and are a great choice to place inside the terrarium.



Next is the beautiful anthurium plant, commonly called elephant ears. This plant becomes one of the beautiful plants for some people with many types. Placing it in terrarium is the right choice you can try to do to grow new roots.



This nerve plant or fittonia has beautiful motif leaves of white, burgundy and green color. The plant thrives under moist and warm terrarium air.

Starfish plants


This favorite terrarium plant is commonly called starfish plant, which belongs to the bromeliad family. This straplike leaf shines with colorful red, maroon red, white to dark green.

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