7 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

7  Hard-to-Kill Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

Homifine.com -- Houseplants that are difficult to kill are always an interesting consideration for you to try to put in the room. Choosing plants not only looks beautiful and attractive, but with easy care, strong and tolerates low light in room. As to the type of plant, you see the 7 list below:

 Peace lilies


No wonder if peace lilies become one of the most loved and common plants so sweetener room in the house. Plants that have easy care can be able to have a good growth in the room, which is also an air purifying plant.

Pothos plant


When you still doubt whether there are plants that are difficult to kill, believe me, pothos plants is one of the many ornamental plants that so many varieties with a beautiful look. It grows encroaching and can be propagated by water.

Snake plants


Snake plant are also ornamental plants that are very difficult to kill. It grows very easily and takes light care, even if you do not water it for a week, this plant can still survive. And with a very low light of space, you can grow this plant indoors.



The next ornamental plant is a typical house antler nail with a branched enthalpy resembling a deer antler. It is easy to grow in a dark room with ideal humidity, even if it gets full sunlight this plant can thrive and is not easy to kill.



The next plant you can choose is syngonium. By growing vines, this plant is easy to grow in any room or garden. The shape of the leaves that resemble arrows is one of the characteristics.

Ficus lyrata


Ficus lyrata type rubber plants that have a slender shape and can grow tall if placed outdoors. Plants with violin-shaped leaves this time include plants that grow in tropical rainforests. With irregular watering, this plant remains growing and developing.

ZZ plants


ZZ's plants are very tough and suitable so indoor plants that are very tolerant to low light and do not need to be watered often. Plants that are able to clean this  air have thick and wavy leaves with many types.

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