7 Houseplants that Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

7 Houseplants that Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

Homifine.com -- Plants are easy to find and easy to make indoor ornamental plants. Not necessarily in important areas such as the living room or bedroom, the most important part of the house such as the kitchen also needs a fresh aroma of ornamental plants or flowers plants. In addition, ornamental plants in the kitchen can provide a new aroma that is cleaner and refreshing for the room. You can place the plant on the window sill for regular lighting. We have complied a little list of ornamental plants in the kitchen that will probably be his favorite.

Ficus Elastica8


This indoor plant is ficus elastica which is a tree plant that can grow about 20 - 40 meters tall and has waxy leaves that make it look shiny. Some benefits of this plant are that it can eliminate indoor air pollution, increase oxygen and make the air free from fungal spores.

Boston Fern


This Boston fern plant has a beautiful leas shape dangling down that grows in the tropic forest with idea humidity. You can move it into the kitchen space to give it a fresh aroma and natural air purifiers.



Aromatherapy plants that are also a favorite for the kitchen room is lavender. There can arrange it neatly around the window sill with small pots juxtaposed with various other plants such as cacti and pothos. The distinctive lavender aroma will also make up the kitchen space full of cooking smoke.

Spider Plant


The next reason for choosing spider plant into the kitchen is because of its easy care and not so much importance to its growth. Also, as an air purifiers plants, this loves bright sunlight and can also survive in the shade. Flush once a week and place in the corner of the room by hanging.

Snake plant


Snake plants look good indoors at home is no exception is the kitchen. This thick, elongated and wide leaf has its own appeal that has easy care and is simply placed in the corner of the room like a window sill. This plant also does not need water too often, with its benefits that can be an air purifier then it is very suitable to be a kitchen plant.



Orchid flowers are tropical plants that can adapt to form bulbs during the winter. Plants that have the most types are typical with a variety of flower colors and beautiful petals. Grow well even in the room, you can make this orchid as a beautiful kitchen plant with meaningful visuals.



Matthiola is a perennial herbaceous plant and sub shrub. Many are cultivated and in demand because of their colorful flowers. It is not wrong if you make this flower as a kitchen plant that will give a mush aroma and neutralize the entire kitchen space.

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