7 Ideas For Using Wood to Decorate Your Garden

Homifine.com -- Need something to make your garden feel more rustic and natural? Then, you can use wood as garden decoration or garden feature. There are many things you can do with wood in the garden. You can make it into a garden steeping, pots or plant container, some other interesting things. Discover ideas of decorating the garden with wood on 7 Ideas For Using Wood to Decorate Your Garden.

Wood as the light yard

The Light Yard

Present unique and natural lighting with wood elements. Like in this wooden light yard picture. A light box made of wooden blocks that has been set nicely for outdoor lighting. This wood lighting is perfect for lighting up the yard. 

Wooden palette for plants in the garden


Some plants like filtered light. You can bring a wooden pallet that is equipped with a wooden roof or shade. That way, the plants that like shade can grow happily there. Use a planter to grow a shrub, and a wooden frame to hang some plants and flowers, such as orchids. 

Wooden planter for succulent


Many succulents have a small size and look so adorable. You can use a wooden planter to grow several succulents, such as small cactus varieties, baby necklace succulent and succulent jade. This wooden pallet has special spots that are great for growing succulents or other small plants.

Wooden hanging pot

Bless My Weeds

Wood is indeed special. It can serve as a garden decoration and hanging pots. Choose a box that is enough to hold the fruit or vegetable you want to grow. Attach hooks like chain hook to hang it on a strong frame. 

A wood pallet garden

Globus Baukmart

Create a herb garden in your garden. It's a fun experience to grow your own-food or herbs. Use wood pallet to grow the herbs in vertical ways. Mark it with the herb nameplate, so you can easily identify them. 

Wood for retaining raised soil


The garden will be more dynamic with raised-soil, which will later become a raised garden bed filled with your favorite flowers or plants. Use wooden blocks as boundaries and retainers, so the raised-soil design is not easy to slope. Give white rocks along the wood retainer to give a natural color contrast to the garden. 

Wood slice for pathway

Bleu Charvella

Presenting a path will make the garden more complete. You can make it from wood slices. Design a path with wooden wedges with a variety of ground cover, such as cover plant or using the gravel to cover the ground. 

Hopefully, those 7 Ideas For Using Wood to Decorate Your Garden are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about garden decoration ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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