7 Types of Philodendrons That You Must Have at Home

Homifine.com -- Philodendron is one of the popular ornamental plants and is widely favored as a home plant decoration. Some of the things that you can get when raising philodendron plants are improving air quality, low maintenance, adaptability, and can also increase the humidity in the air in the house. For some types that you can have, see the following review of 7 Types of Philodendrons That You Must Have at Home.

Philodendron Bipennifolium


Philodendron bipennifolium has unique leaves with a dark green color that looks exotic. This plant can grow up to 25 cm and can grow spread. If you like it growing not to spread out, you can tie the stalk.


Philodendron Elephant Ear


This type of philodendron has a beautiful appearance, resembling elephant ears. When young, the leaves have a bluish-gray color, while when they are old, this plant has beautiful gray-green leaves. You also have to be diligent in pruning it regularly so that it can grow new healthy leaves.

Philodendron Winterbourn


You will find a different look from this one type of philodendron. The fingered leaves also have serrations that make them look different. This type also has independent leaf stems on each leaf and can grow thick and can make it a charming decoration.



Philodendron White Knight


You will fall in love  when you see this type of philodendron. The leaves have a green base color with a white combination, which is the reason why many people like it. This type is also quite rare and makes it have a high price.



Philodendron Congo Rojo


Congo rojo is a relatively new Philodendron cultivar. This ornamental plant easily adapts to all types of weather, except the air is too cold. You will get an elegant look from the green leaves it has when you place it in the room.



Philodendron Prince of Orange


This philodendron has a beautiful appearance, with young leaves that are orange and begin to turn green as they get older. This plant is up to 2 feet tall and easy to care for like a typical philodendron.



Philodendron Moonlight


This last type of philodendron has a beautiful faded color on the new leaves, while for old leaves, it has a darker green color. The leaves have a beautiful shiny reflection and make them look clean and elegant.


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