Croton Indoor Plant - Care of Croton Plants

Croton Indoor Plant - Care of Croton Plants -- Croton is a varied plant is used as an ornamental plant. You need to be extra careful to take care of this plant because it is quite fussy in fact. But if you know the tips and how to care properly, this plant can be a tough plant and difficult to kill. Some tips on care and growth can see the following review:



Bright and indirect light is needed by Crotons. Some of them may be able to tolerate sunlight without filters that can develop in the mottled sun. This will affect Croton leaves that have quite a lot of color.



Take care of the plant in summer by giving water about this one every week. Reduce watering in the winter for two weeks. And pay attention to plants that have withered to be given water appropriately.



Moist soil can be well dried, which is ideal compost enriched with a soil mixture that has acid and is rich in humus.

Temperatures and humidity


Keep croton plants with shade above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and do not expose the plant to cold winds. Increase inertia at 40 - 80 percent.



Use liquid fertilizer once every two months during the initial growing season from March to September. The plant loves slightly acidic soil, use sleepy acidification fertilizer ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, or layered urea.



Plants need to respond well to long-legged pruning. Remove unhealthy leaves and branches and keep them with a certain shape. If you have pruned this plant, you can move it outside after gradually hardening.

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