How to Care For Spider Plant As A Houseplant -- Spider plant is one of the plants that has easy care and can survive in various situations, so this plant will be very suitable for those of you who are beginners. Although it is difficult to die, you also need to pay attention to the care to be healthier and last longer. For some spider plant care that you need to know, see the following review on How to Care For Spider Plant As A Houseplant.




Please note that this spider plant will be very suitable to be hung or placed in a higher area because this plant grows new shoots that hang and can be replanted. So hanging will keep the new shoots from being damaged.



Temperature and humidity


The temperature and temperature needed for this plant is a warm and humid condition, so conditions that are too cold are not liked by this plant. If you place it at a temperature that is too cold, it will brown the tips of the leaves. You can place it near a window by periodically spraying water to keep it moist.





For lighting, this spider plant likes shady areas with indirect lighting, because when it gets intense direct sunlight it will burn the leaves. You can place it in a room where light shines from the window to meet the indirect light intake of the spider plant.

Soil, fertilizing, and watering

 If you have a spider plant, place it in a pot that has loose soil with good drainage. You also need to pay attention to the salt content in the soil, because when the salt content is high, it will make the tips of the leaves turn brown. You can also apply fertilizer once a month during the growing season to keep it growing steadily. For watering, do not water it too often so as not to make it rot easily and will kill the plant.



Spider plant on water


If you want a unique look for your spider plant, you can put it in a water pot, and it can be used as a beautiful table plant. You can get spider plants from plant lets to grow in water. Pay attention to the water you will use so that it does not contain a lot of chlorine and high salt levels. For fertilization, use liquid fertilizer that can be dripped on your plant's water pot.





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