How to Properly Water Succulents? -- As is known, succulents are one of the desert plants that are in great demand by many people as houseplants. Many people also think that succulents do not need watering because they can store reserves in their thick leaves. However, basically, succulents still need proper watering so that their leaves are healthy and can be your houseplant for a longer time. As a plant lover, you have to pay attention to how to water a cactus, for some information you should know, see the following review about How to Properly Water Succulents?




The main thing that many knows is to avoid over watering succulents, considering that succulents are desert plants that don't like a lot of water. Succulents, that have thick leaf stems, are able to store water in the long term compared to other types of plants.




You can start watering your succulents when the soil is completely dry. When a succulent becomes dehydrated, it responds with its leaves starting to shrivel. You have to pay close attention to this so that you can get the watering period at the right time. To measure soil more validly, you can buy a soil moisture meter. So when the succulent is completely dry, that's a sign you need to water it immediately.


Then you also need to pay attention to the use of pots and the condition of the soil you use for succulents. Make sure you place the succulent in a pot that has drainage, so that the water does not pool in the roots and can cause rot. You also need to choose soil that dries easily to suit the conditions of origin of the succulent, in the form of a desert.


You don't always have to water your succulent from the surface, you can also use the bottom watering method to make sure the roots are able to absorb the water they need. Regarding the method, you can dip the succulent pot in a tray filled with water. Do not be too long so as not to be too excessive in the absorption of water. 


Another thing you need to pay attention to in watering succulents is the season. Because each season has its own intensity of light and humidity. Avoid excessive watering in winter. In addition to the season, you can also distinguish watering succulents based on the size of the pot they have. The bigger the pot, the less often you water it because a large pot will have more soil and be able to lock in moisture better than a small pot with a little soil.



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