How to Style Your Balcony with Plants


How to Style Your Balcony with Plants -- The idea of a brilliant balcony will bring a calm atmosphere white there. Even a small size will be forgotten by all because of the beautiful decoration. For the most part, the balcony always has maximum lighting with a fresh atmosphere throughout the day. Not infrequently also the balcony becomes a relaxing area that sits with shade. To create a new style on the balcony of the house, you can find some inspirations in the review below:

Periodically stacking on the edges of  railing with palms


The new atmosphere on the balcony of your house will be a valuable place for you to enjoy with your lover. Tropical plants type of palm you place around the railing balcony neatly and lined up. You can choose one types of palm to dominate the impression of a more homey tropical.

Balcony with hanging plants


The next idea that will make the balcony at home so more stylish is with hanging plants. Hook around the balcony iron that will add shade when scorching. That way, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by rolling out additional carpets and cushions.

Add with furniture and plants


Carrying shade on the balcony of the house is indispensable. However, this will not feel complete without additional furniture for comfortable leisure activities. Especially with plant accents that will add to the cool air throughout the day.

The concept of an even urban jungle


The next idea is with a balcony full of plants, using the concept of an even urban jungle. Plants can also be arranged neatly on the floor with pots or even with hanging models around the window will. Forget complex shades, you can prepare more open accents for circulation and more lighting.

Balcony idea with plant rack


Neatly arranging the balcony is worth doing. Why balcony activities will be cool and so visually attractive with regular arrangements. Plant racks will give more decorative accents with a sweet setting. Also prepare the corner of the wall to be paired vertical garden using a display rack.

Balcony with garden plants


After designing the garden, do not forget, you can hold a balcony for a fresh and soothing arrangement. Bringing back garden plants in the balcony area will be right for you to arrange neatly with the same types. But it can also be changed with a combination of other flowering plants.

Choose plants with easy care


Reimagining the design of the balcony with a new style using plants does not necessarily all kind of plants can be presented. Therefore, you can choose plants whose care is easy and resistant to all weathers. For example oxalis, pothos, ear elephant, spider plant etc.

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