Peace Lily Not Blooming: Reasons A Peace Lily Never Flowers -- Peace lily is one of the plants with the most beautiful flowers. No wonder so many fall in love with them. Peace lily is the best indoor plant that can provide air in the room well.
Peace lily care also easy, suitable for you novice gardeners. But there are several reasons' peace lily does not flower. This makes some feel worried. We'll share a review of reasons a peace lily never and solutions below! Let's keep reading until the end!



Actually, growing Their best season is spring Peace lily is not too difficult. This is even one of the reasons why Peace Lily, much loved. Temperature changes, are one of the reasons that can cause Peace lily  not to flower.
Peace lily is not very sensitive to temperature, but it would be better if you maintain the appropriate temperature. Their best season is spring.



Peace lily is one of the best indoor plants that can survive in low light. But when you grow Peace lily in a low-light place for too long, it will cause them to stop flowering.
Peace lily will grow well and flower with indirect lighting. We recommend putting them by the window.



Watering becomes one of the factors that cause Peace lily not to flower or fail to flower. Peace lily not like moist soil. It will make their roots rotten

Watering too much can also make the leaves turn dry and wither. For maximum and healthy growth, you can water Peace lily enough. Make sure the soil is almost dry first, then you can water it again.



If the roots of the Peace lily grow densely at the bottom of the pot or above ground level. It means it's time to do the repotting. The narrower roots will make peace lily difficult to flower.
All you an do is move the Peace lily carefully to a pot of the appropriate size. In order for drainage to run well, be sure to choose a pot with a hole in the bottom so that the water flows and does not flood.

Fertilizer feeding


 Just like other houseplants, Peace lily also needs enough nutrients for flowering. Not giving them fertilizer will cause them to fail to flower, due to lack of nutrients.

You can give fertilizer to Peace lily to help it bloom and have beautiful flowers.

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