7 Best Patio Garden Ideas


7 Best Patio Garden Ideas

Homifine.com -- If you are still lucky to have land and use it as a patio, of course this includes extraordinary benefits for you to have. With perfect decoration and care, the patio is not only used as a home garden. You can see some of the ideas that will make you obsessed with designing it yourself at home.

Colorful home patio


With an attractive setting, this outdoor patio features a few accents of flowering ornamental plants that bloom throughout the season. Such as bougainvillea or jasmine with a fragrant aroma. To complete the look, you can add some seating and a table for a casual meal.

Garden patio luxury setting


If you have a large patio design, you need this luxurious setting with a predominance of white and addition shade to keep out the heat. Also provide with garden benches, to natural fresheners in the form of ornamental plants for fence accents.

Looks fresh with color


The following home garden patio design may be quite interesting and easy for you to try to apply. The arrangement is neat, the furniture is very fully stocked on the patio, including several colors that can unite nature. Change the outdoors with a corner garden with attractive outdoor lighting accents and change the lighting at night.

Lush garden patio


This will be perfect for those of you who like garden work at home. Utilizing the patio and turned into a private garden is an effective job. Some plants you can make a bed to make it look tall or a neat arrangement with a garden container. 

Garden pergola as shade


Adding a pergola accent to the home patio will be more interesting to try. Pergola lighting not only provides beautiful visual image, but also natural accents of vines. Some patio pergola concepts like this you can easily use for party purposes and so on.

Rooftop patio with garden bed


The best idea for those of you who have an open roof patio. Make it a garden is very useful. Also provide with containers or plant beds that are spaced and accented the path covered with coral rocks.

Garden patio with deck


This last ideas maybe you can use to give a different landscape and garden patio at home using a deck is one solution. Complete with a seat made of synthetic rattan. Some accents of ornamental plant in groups will attract more attention.

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