7 Black Plants to Add Drama to Your Garden

Homifine.com -- Plants have many types which then differentiate in shape, size, and color. This can give each plant its own charm. One of the most popular types of plants is the black color, which gives an elegant and mysterious impression. Some black plants that you can have, you can see in the following article about 7 Black Plants to Add Drama to Your Garden.

Sweet potato vine


Not only has tubers that can be consumed, sweet potatoes are also increasingly popular as ornamental plants. Some types that have black leaves will be very beautiful on display on a higher-sized wall shelf to provide a comprehensive view.


Black Succulent


 It is widely known that succulents have various types with various shapes, sizes, and colors. If you want to collect plants in black, you will get them from succulents. Succulents also have easy maintenance and are suitable for table decoration.



Colocasia esculanta 'black coral'


If you want the elegant look of black plants, you'll get them from this Colocasia esculanta 'black coral'. The smooth leaves give a glossy effect. This plant can also grow large and is suitable to be placed in a corner planter.

Syngonium Erythrophyllum “Llano-Carti Road”


This type of plant has dark green leaves, which then give it a blackish-like appearance. Its beautiful leaves have neat strokes that give it a smooth texture. This plant also likes humidity, so you need to pay attention to the condition of the room where it is located.



Philodendron Black Cardinal


Philodendron is a popular ornamental plant species. You can also have the black type. The stiff, shiny leaves will make them more attractive and harder to fall off. You can place it in a pot that adjusts to the size of the plant you have.

Begonia Mazae Nigricans


The small leaves owned by this begonia will be very suitable if hung in the room. The leaves also have a smooth texture with a lighter center. The edges of the leaves also have a unique shape. You can have this type to complete your black plant collection.

Zz Plant


Zz plant is one of the plants that has easy care and is hard to die. This plant also has an easy adjustment to the surrounding environment. Its thick black leaves don't fall off easily and are almost impossible to pollute your room.

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