7 Herbs that Grow by Cutting Propagation

7 Herbs that Grow by Cutting Propagation

Homifine.com -- For the most part, many herbal plants are grown by means of seeding. But with stem cuttings this is an easy way you can do any, many are successful in that way. In this article, you can see a list of herbs that can be grown by cutting. See 7 Herbs that Grow by Cutting Propagation below:

Oregano plant


Herbs plant that is easy to grow from cuttings is oregano. Maybe it's a little more complicated than basil and mint. But is can still be grown by stems cuttings. But root growth is slower than basil and mint. You can use natural root hormone in a glass of water.

Lavender Plant


Next is lavender, which must be harvested in the summer because it burns easily. You can propagate this plant by hardwood cuttings from the stem. Plant the lavender cuttings about 2 inches into the soil and cover with plastic.



Basil is an annual herb that is generally propagated from seeds and only propagated. Another way you can propagate by cuttings that are easy and developed in a glass of water. You can take cuttings from the basil plant, which is easier when propagated.



Another herbal plant is mint, which can be grown more easily than basil. Mint can be grown by warm stem cuttings developed within a week to grow new roots. It does not require special care, but is important to not, the mint plant is very invasive.

Stevia Plant


The herb stevia is often used to add sweetness to teapots. This plant can be grown by cuttings directly onto a seed starter or moist perlite.

Lemon Verbena


You can propagate lemon verbena by stem cuttings 2 -3 inches long to get a new plant. Cut off the ends of the rootstock and then place the stem pieces into a container of water. It may take a few weeks for new roots to grow.

Thyme Plant


Thyme is a herb used for furniture and culinary purposes. With stems cuttings, you need to take the node from the point where the leaves grow because the roots are more responsive to growth.

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