7 Houseplants that Remove Formaldehyde


7 Houseplants that Remove Formaldehyde

Homifine.com -- NASA studies say there are even some plants that are the most effective air purifiers and can also specifically clean chemicals from the air. For example, the chemical formaldehyde, which is harmful to health and is mostly spread in homes, Therefore, the importance of ornamental plants can also provide a good filter, not only to make the room fresher. You can see a list of some plants in the following review:

Golden pothos


Pothos plant that thrive even with neglected watering. This plant can grow  well in  all media, even if planted in the ground and propagate to trees. You can plant plants that are tolerated of dark light in this room, using propagation water media for their growth.



Next is philodendron, which is the most abundant variety with large, heart-shaped leaves. This plant likes brighter and more light, it may be the best plant to be placed indoors.

Dumb cane


This dumb cane is a plant that likes sunlight and moderate watering. This plant is similar to the peace lilies flower or the money plant. The yellowing of the leaves is a sign of dry soil, and it's time to provide proper watering.

Peace lily


Peace lilies don't just have pretty flowers. But also requires low amounts of water and sunlight. These plants don't really need a lot of water, but keep a watering notch when they look drooping and wilting. In addition, this plant is also quite dangerous for humans and pets ingested.

Snake plant


Snake plant is a noble plant because it has many functions to clean pollutants and chemicals from the air. Plants that are very tolerate of dark light, even though this is one of the plants that is  difficult to kill.

Ficus tree


Rubber tree are included in the fight family, which is a plant and also a tall plant that grows like a tree. This plant is good if kept indoors because it can clean the air. You need to be aware of the latex in this plant, which is dangerous if swallowed. With a high tolerance for watering and grows well in moderate to highlight.

Spider plant


Spider plant is an ornamental plant that grows perfectly in a container with relatively easy care. This plant can tolerate low light and does not really need too much water. Can thrive in low light to dark rooms and also acts as an air purifier.

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