7 Plants that Look Like Snake Plant

Homifine.com -- Snake plants have indeed become one of the popular ornamental plants and many people buy them because of their beautiful appearance. If you like a type of plant that is similar to a snake plant, you can get it from several plants to make your garden more varied. For some types of plants that you can have with a snake plant-like appearance, see the following article about 7 Plants that Look Like Snake Plants.

Mauritius Hemp


 This first plant has the name Mauritius hemp. At first glance, the leaves have a shape that is identical to the snake plant. However, if you touch, this plant has leaves that are thinner and smoother. Its color is lighter than the snake plant.



Zebra Plant


This zebra plant is also popular among plant lovers. Its small size makes this plant suitable for use as a beautiful table plant. Its pointed leaves with white patterns make it more like a snake plant.



Moss in the Cradle


 If you want a different color and appearance but still similar to a snake plant, you can choose this moss in the cradle as an option. The smooth leaves have a beautiful color. On the top surface it is green, while on the bottom it has a purple color. If you have one, make sure you pay attention to the watering, so it doesn't rot.



Silver Vase Plant


This silver vase plant is one of the plants whose leaves look very similar to the snake plant. What distinguishes it is, the leaves of the snake plant are stiffer and thicker than this one plant. The interesting thing about this plant is its ability to produce beautiful pink flowers.


Ox Tongue Plant


No less interesting than other plants, this ox tongue plant has slender leaves that are stiff and thick like a snake plant. This plant also has new shoots that are easier to grow around it. Use a pot that is the right size according to the size of the plant.


Cornstalk Dracaena


The leaves are thin and make it curved, what makes this plant similar to a snake plant is the shape of the leaves that are pointed at the ends. What looks unique is the pattern of the leaves, which have a bright line in the middle.


Pickle Plant


This last type of plant has a simple appearance, with green leaves that have a subtle white pattern. At first glance, this plant is similar to Sansevieria trifasciata. You can make it a houseplant because it makes the room cleaner and of course the leaves don't pollute the room.

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