Beautiful Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight -- Having plants, as decorations in the house, is often a lot of worry because of the lack of light intake needed by plants. However, basically, many plants are able to live in dim conditions where in their native area, these plants live in the shade of trees that block them from light. For some plants that you can grow at home, see the following review about Beautiful Houseplants That Need (Almost) Zero Sunlight.

Spider Plant


Are you a spider plant lover? You can not only enjoy its beauty. This plant can also live by adjusting the surrounding environment. Even this plant can also live in dim light. You also don't need to water it too much when in a dim area.


Golden Pothos


 If you are a beginner in terms of caring for plants, golden pothos is the right choice for you. This plant can live on minimal care, low light, infrequent watering. You can plant it in a pot by sticking it out or hang it in your room.



Peace Lily


Peace lily is one of the plants that has many fans. You can even use it as a natural air purifier in the house. Its ability to survive in dim light is also a plus point of this white flowering plant. Placing it in the bedroom is also believed to provide comfortable air quality and maximize your rest time.



Zz Plant


Zz plant is a thick leaf plant that is easy to care for and hard to kill. You can make it the right room decoration because the leaves don't fall off easily. Placing it in a dim place is also not a problem for the zz plant. You can also use lamps to fulfill their light needs.



Lucky Bamboo


The last type of plant you can have has the name lucky bamboo. This plant is able to grow in dim and indirect light. You can place it indoors, and occasionally you can move it to a slightly lit area so that it can photosynthesize properly. But basically, this plant can grow with minimal light.

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