Care Tips For Growing Hoya Plants Outdoors - Hoya is the plant that easy to care, to care for outdoors or indoors. There are many similarities to growing and care of the plants in both situations but a few differences. Then, look how Care Tips For Growing Hoya Plants Outdoors. Check it out!



Hoya plants need bright, I mean prefer in medium to bright, indirect sunlight. If Hoya have much sun exposure, it may burn their leaves or turn yellow. They also can tolerate low light, but it makes they focus energy on growing more leaves rather than producing blossoms.



You can be watering Hoya plants like other succulents, when their soil to dry out completely. If the plant is too dry or rare, the lower leaves will start to yellow. And if the plant too wet, it will attempt to shed moisture by dropping leaves.



Hoya can grow in ideal temperature between 60 - 85 F degrees. And if you put Hoya in below 50 degrees F, it can result in chill damage.



Native to the tropics, Hoya can placed in extra humid environment with a level of 60-80%, especially during the winter months. But if you don't know to check the humid, you can put the plants in a pebble tray.



You can fertilize Hoya plants during the growing season of spring, summer, and fall. Hold off during their dormancy in the winter. And this plant is resilient and usually not affected by indoor pests unless you already have them in nearby houseplants.



Control the size of Hoya plants with pruning. You can make it bushier and thin it out or remove any dead growth.

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