Fragrant Plants For Pots and Small Spaces --  Having land with limited capacity does not mean that you cannot garden. It turns out that there are many ways to get around the limited size of the land. One of them is by growing a plant in a pot. The existence of plants at home has many benefits. In addition to creating a cooler atmosphere of the space, there are types of plants that have a favorite aroma.
If you're interested, we've collected the fragrant plants for pots and small spaces below specifically for you!



Jasmine is one of the plants with very fragrant flowers. They have low maintenance and can grow well in pot containers. Jasmine has a characteristic white flower with a favorite sweet aroma. Jasmine flowers are often grown in the front yard to beautify the appearance of the dwelling.



Rosemary is a popular herbs plant. Rosemary is used as a seasoning in delicious dishes. The aroma of rosemary can also be utilized as a herbal tea.

Rosemary care is easy and suitable for growing in pots. You just need to be use to water them regularly.

Scented Geraniums


Scented geranium is a plant with a fragrant aroma. Scented geranium is actually not a real geranium. They are often grown in the pits. They are plants with low care and can grow well. This plant is beautifully suitable for use as a sweetener for rooms and houses.

Dianthus plant


The plants above look cute and adorable. Dianthus plant gives off sweet and vanilla fragrant. They have beautiful flowers, with a bright color. They are plants that are easy to grow and breed.



 Who doesn't know Lavender? They are plants that have many health benefits. Lavender has a fragrant aroma, they can repel mosquitoes, and make you sleep better.

There is no reason not to grow them. Lavender is also beautiful with shades of purple flowers.

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