How to Grow and Care Tradescantia Nanouk Easily

How to Grow and Care Tradescantia Nanouk Easily -- An ornamental plant that is dominated by purple and is very popular is tradescantia But with clearer specifications, this time we will take care of the growth and care of the tradescantia nanouk. You can read more clearly about the treatment in the following review:

Tradescantia care


To care for the tradescantia nanouk, you can pay attention to whether or not the lighting is bright in a room. Place it on a windowsill facing north or east. Water the plant when the soil dries.


Because this plat is adaptable, and its growth is fertile, humidity is very favored by this plant. So the bathroom can also be one of the right places. Because the tolerance and resistance is very strong, this plant does not need regular fertilization like other plants. You can fertilize the soil of this plant with liquid fertilizer during the growing, season about once every 2 to 4 weeks.

The right growth for this plant is during the day with a temperature of 75 degrees and night temperatures in the mid-50s. Pay attention to the leaves when they start to turn yellow and the roots rot, maybe this plant is underwater and you water it too often.


Choose a pot for tradescantia that is well drained and preferably using the recommended mixed soil such as orchid husk, gauze sand and handful of perlite. Pot selection is also one of the things considered for growing tradescantia plants properly. Pots that have been filled with drainage to protect the soil surface. You can see this plant blooming from spring to autumn.

Spread of tradescantia


If you find a pot of tradescantai nanouk is full, you can do useful repotting to grow new plants. By means of stem cuttings, or water cuttings this is the right and easy choice. However, if you want to grow tradescantia in a relatively short period of time, cuttings in water are a good and easy way to monitor new roots growing.

Common problems that occur with the tradescantia nanouk plant


- Rotten roots due to over-watering
- Loss of leaf color due to irregular and inappropriate lighting
- Do not repot when the plant has been growing in the pot for almost a year

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