How to Make a Jade Plant Look Lush


How to Make a Jade Plant Look Lush -- To grow a new succulent plant as an ornamental plant may be a little complicated, and you are confused. For example with the jade plant which has quite a lot of types and is best known as the cash crop. Even with easy care, you can give this type of ornamental plant regular care so that its growth is dense. You can see the lesson below:


To keep the jade plant well maintained and thriving, lighting is also the main thing that needs attention. You can place the jade plant in the window of the room facing south, which is not blocked by anything. This plant likes sunlight and if you are lucky it will get flowers.


Never water the jade plant excessively, which can cause the roots and stems to rot. With just a little water, this plant is able to survive. With the right watering pattern, humidity will be maintained, and plant growth will be much more fertile than before.

Pay attention to the ground

The right soil mix can also affect the growth of jade plants that have been kept indoors. This jade plant likes some sandy soil, perlite to improve drainage between soil particles.


As is known, the jade plant includes succulents that are adaptive to temperature. This plant likes a room temperature of around 65 - 75 F year round. During winter, the plant will lower the temperature by about 50 -55 F and this change can encourage the plant to produce flowers.

And fertilization

Providing nutrition for all plants, including jade plants, will provide more fertile growth if the dosage is right. If you find that your jade plant appears to have stopped growing, you can apply a half or one does of fertilizer to fix the problem.

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