Patio Ideas - 7 Ways to Create a Comfortable and Refreshing Relaxing Place -- The patio is an area that is widely used as a comfortable relaxing place for families. It doesn't have to be large, you can design the patio to look charming and make it your favorite area to relax. For some ideas that you can get about patios, see the following article about Patio Ideas - 7 Ways to Create a Comfortable and Refreshing Relaxing Place.





This patio takes up a lot of space at the back of the house. To distinguish the relaxing area from the garden, there is a cast section made with 4 square patterns that look clean and tidy. The addition of a few chairs further adds to the beautiful impression of each square pattern it has.

Various place to relax


Not just one relaxing spot, this patio has several relaxing spots that attract attention. Of course, the presence of some of these relaxing places is not without reason. There is an outdoor relaxing area for when you like fresh air and direct sunlight. In addition, there is also a shaded and more private patio cover.

Small patio with fire pit


If you like things that are simple and not overwhelming, this patio design can be an interesting idea for you. Although small, this patio has a garden with a stepping stone and there are also benches equipped with a fire pit that can warm up when the air is cold.

Additional bench


You will get an outdoor atmosphere from this relaxing place. The fresh patio garden is even more enjoyable from the benches that have been added. To further provide comfort, the addition of some sofa cushions will complete the atmosphere on this green patio.

Narrow patio


Even though it's narrow, this extra long bench can be an interesting idea for a patio. With a green grass base, you will still get freshness in a narrow area. Also, additional covering on the patio will provide a more comfortable private area to enjoy.

Outdoor space


Not much detail is included in this patio. To create a fresh relaxing area, the addition of a few chairs, a table and plants would be the best combination for this patio.

Additional roof


For a more shady patio, you can use a wooden frame that can be used to place the roof and lights. Leaving vines on the roof can also be an interesting idea to implement.

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