7 Best Beautiful Sedum Varieties to Grow (Succulent)

Homifine.com -- Sedum is part of the succulents that have easy care. Sedum tend to have small sizes that are clustered beautifully. You will really like it to complement your garden or indoor plants with a beautiful appearance. You can plant sedum in spring, summer, and fall with less hot temperatures. Not only that, but you don't even have to prune the sedums and remove dead branches or leaves in winter for them to grow healthily. For some beautiful types that you can have, check the following article about 7 Best Beautiful Sedum Varieties to Grow (Succulent).




Sedum Mexanicum


Sedum mexicanum has a hair-like shape with a fresh lime green color. You can make it a ground cover or plant it in a pot that can be combined with other plants to give it a more beautiful appearance. The small leaves retain the smooth, thick texture identical to that of most succulents.

Sedum Sieboldi


If you want to have sedum as a beautiful hanging plant, you can choose this variety. Sedum sieboldi is one of the most popular because of its ability to produce beautiful flowers. The pink flowers it has are at the end of the stem by forming a beautiful little ball.

Sedum Spurium


If you look closely, this sedum spurium has the appearance of a small rose with thick petals. The gradient of pink and green makes it look stunning and can be used as a room table decoration that can liven up the atmosphere.



Sedum Rubrotinctum


Sedum rubrotinctum has a beautiful shape and color that makes it look like a fake plant. You can make it an indoor decoration that will amaze many people. The small leaves have a thick and glossy structure, which makes them look prettier.



Sedum Cotyledon Pendens


Besides sieboldi, this type of sedum also has beautiful flowers and will be very suitable as a hanging plant that will amaze you. You can place it near a window to maximize the light intake of this beautiful succulent.



Sedum Dasyphyllum


Its unique shape makes it grow to resemble a green caterpillar in a pot. If you are lucky, this sedum will produce beautiful white flowers and make your pot more stunning.



Sedum Makinoi


Different from the previous types which have varied colors, this type of sedum has a fresh green color with a shape that resembles a small rose. This plant can also stick out beautifully and can be used as a hanging plant that you can place on the terrace.



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