7 Best Indoor Plants That Grow In Water; Tried and True

Homifine.com -- Growing plants is one of the popular and good hobbies. Plants, not only grown in the soil, but you can also grow them with water in jars or bottles. That way, you can use it as a beautiful decoration.
The presence of plants at home also has many benefits. In addition to beautifying the interior appearance, several types of plants can also purify the air in the room well. 
Here we have collected 7 best indoor plants that grow in water, tried and true. Let's keep reading!

1. String of hearts


The string of heart has the Botanical name Cerpopegia woodii. As the name implies, they have leaves that are shaped like a heart. This hanging plant can grow with on water. They look beautifully hanging with tiny, packed leaves.

2. Pencil cactus


If usually, succulent love dry soil. Unlike the cactus pencil, which turns out to be able to grow well in water. They have a unique stem shape. Pencil cactus has a poisonous sap, you have to be careful when cutting their stems.

3. Chinese money plant


Chinese money plant or known as Pilea peperomioides is one of the plants with the easiest care. They cane even grow and develop well in the water. The plant loves indirect sunlight, the best place is near the window.

4. Prayer plant


Prayer plant has the Botanical name Maranta leuconeura. They are beautiful indoor plants. Prayer plant leaves look beautiful with interesting motifs. You can make sure the prayer plant is in a bright space with indirect solar lighting.

5. The Devil's Ivy


The Devil's Ivy is one of the best indoor plants. Epipremnum aureum can live well in a variety of conditions, including in water. They have characteristic leaves of green color that look refreshing.

6. Monstera


Monstera is a popular plant with beautiful leaves. They can even live on water media. The maintenance is also easy to be suitable for you novice gardeners.

7. Hoya carnosa


Hoya carnosa is known the name of Wax plant. They are plants that are easy to grow. No wonder they can grow well in water. They love bright places.

Those are the 7 best indoor plants that grow in water tried and true. Hopefully, the information above is useful. Good luck.

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