7 Colorful Small Garden to Boost Your Landscape

7 Colorful Small Garden to Boost Your Landscape

Homifine.com -- Not all homeowners are lucky to have extensive landscaping outdoors. But some tricks and ideas can be changed to get an attractive small garden even with limited land. In fact, the limited land to make a garden does not rule out the possibility that you can create a new garden that is more colorful and beautiful to be enjoyed throughout the day. You can use this refreshing new features to design a small garden at home like the following review:

Create a garden with flow

Smart ideas for arranging a small garden at home can be combined with several features. This garden with flow nuances can be created from a spilled pot filled with white spilled stones. Stones contrast will be an important part of a simple garden concept at home.

Small garden with pattern

Make the garden more striking, not from the appearance of the selected plants. Even with some plants, you can create a beautiful small garden. The contrast of the rocks and the patterns used add to the expensive 3D effect.

Half flower accents

With the half-flower model, you can make a pattern like a crown with a limestone border. Fill the remaining landscape with soil or rock as above. Frame with large stone to make it more textured.

Sunrise small garden

By combining the surroundings, the small garden is made up of a sunrise pattern with contrasting textured whites and browns. Simply, place the plant at the end of the landscape to cover the sun pattern in neat detail.

Add a small island

The following ideas will make the home page more colorful with the addition of a dominating small island. Landscape with rocks will get the perfect combination if applied to small land.

Like a flowing river

Pour your creative ideas to design a home garden like the design this time. The choice of a flowing river theme with a mix of various ornamental plants will brighten the corners of the landscape and make the yard perfect.

Garden with water spray accent

The last pattern for a small garden design at home will be the choice. Water spray accents that are a family of plant pots will provide an attractive decorative effect and dimension. Especially echeveria and some flower plants are excellent for this small garden.

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