7 Pretty Indoor Plants that Grow in Medium Light Conditions

7 Pretty Indoor Plants that Grow in Medium Light Conditions

Homifine.com -- A low-light room sometimes feels stuffy and looks gloomy. You can use ornamental plants, which are one of the easiest ways to make the room fresher and oxygen smooth. It's not hard to find houseplant that like low light and are easy to care for. Some types of plants, you can see in 7 Pretty Indoor Plants that Grow in Medium Light Conditions below:


cindy_saturn 1

Known as philodendron, which has split leaves. This plant grows large, prominent fresh green leaves. Tend to like natural light shade because of its natural habitat from tropical rain forests, this plant is toxic to pets, so you can keep it away and place it in a safe area.

Peace lily


Peace lilies have beautiful white flowers. This plant is an indoor plant that loves low light and tolerates neglect. This plant only needs sufficient watering so that the leaves do not wither. With regular watering, you can place it around the windowsill to get full to partial shade.



If you are looking for a houseplant that is beautiful and adaptable in low light, anthurium is the perfect choice. These fresh green leaves with beautiful flowers will last in the room for a long time. Care is not so fussy, you can occasionally place it outdoors with partial sun to avoid burning and wilting leaves.



Pothos is an indoor ornamental plant that can grow almost in light and dark spaces. Even this plant can survive with neglected watering. You can provide periodic maintenance such as watering, fertilizing and also repotting for a few times. Heart-shaped leaves with fresh color, pothos has several that you can have.

Dracaena marginata


This dragon tree, which belongs to the genus Dracaena, grows well in all rooms. Easy to maintain, you can place it in a low light room and can grow up to 6 feet high. You can do repotting at least 2 - 3 years. This plant receive sunlight very well, but when the light is low it will make the leaves look smaller.

Snake plant


It is also one of the indoor plants that can grow in various conditions of space with dark light. This hard-to-kill plant is easy to care for, but is quite durable for pets. It has quite a lot of benefits as an air purifier and also absorbs some pollutants in the room.




This tropical plant type, Calathea Triostar can grow in a room with low light. You can provide warmth for its good growth. Although it likes low light, this plant is also still tolerant of low conditions or if placed on a windowsill this plant still survive.

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