7 Specialist Small Garden for Minim Space

7 Specialist Small Garden for Minim Space

Homifine.com -- The availability of land that you have at home is very profitable to be used as a small garden. You can maximize this size with a garden design that will not make other areas look messy. With detailed sample images and descriptions, you can listen to the 7 Specialist Small Gardens for Minimal Space below:

Plant with ladder plant

Just like any other gather that needs a place to plant. You can use a ladder plant from used wood. By designing it to look like a windmill, arrange plants on each step of the plant rack for a beautiful visual. You can sample a small garden design for a narrow area like this for a small area at home.

Garden with spilled pots

For a narrow area, you can use a spill pot as shown. Shapes with circular pattern, designs with rock elements to spilled pots that will be a more prominent garden display.

Small garden in the yard

You can take advantage of the landscaping space around the house such as a yard or back garden to turn it into a small garden. With the arrangement of natural rocks, you can create a dry garden concept by selecting dry plants such as dracaena that are resistant to all weather.

Tropical home garden

Even with a small size, you can design a home garden with a tropical atmosphere as seen. Make a circular pattern with land cover such as natural rock to boxwood plants and a shady tree that makes the atmosphere more shady.

Farmer's garden at the well

In various ways, designing a small garden at home is easy for you to do. You can use unused wells to make a small flower garden around it. Change the shading of the well with tile roof.

Small flower garden with container 

The next idea that you can apply in small sizes you can make like a flower garden with wooden containers. You can make neat details accents like a simple and natural farmer's garden.

House garden with mushrooms accents

Create a small garden at home with an easy pattern. Curved shape and fill the land with ornamental plants such as water bamboo, palm to dieffenbachia. You can add the element of water to make a real small garden combination.

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