7 Tall Houseplant Grow at Indoor

7 Tall Houseplant Grow at Indoor

Homifine.com -- Ornamental plants that grow tall in every can create a tropical atmosphere that is fresher and at one with nature. There are various types of tall indoor plants that you can place in the room to suit your interior style. it is possible that the selected indoor plants are low maintenance and have several benefits for the room as an air purifiers. These are some of the indoor plants that you can choose from and consider the following.

Birds of Paradise


Birds of paradise are favorite plants that grow tall in the room. This tropical plant will give a more natural atmosphere. A beautiful leaf is very beautiful to be placed directly in the room. Low light and low light conditions are very favored by this plant

Peace lily


Peace lily is a tropical ornamental plant originating from tropical rainforest which is very well known and is an option for various rooms. Plants that are often chosen for interiors are very suitable as room decoration with thick and growing leaves. Easy maintenance and can provide room benefits such as air purification and promoting better sleep quality.



Croton is a popular ornamental plant with large and very attractive varieties. The leaves of this plant become one of the prima donna with beautiful and striking colors. Grows well indoors with bright, indirect sunlight. This plant will grow to about 6 - 9 feet and if placed outdoors can be taller.

Ficus plant


Next up is the small ficus lyrata indoor plant that grows tall with easy care. You can place this plant in a room facing south and place it in direct sunlight.

Ficus Elastica


The next rubber plant that can become a tall indoor plant is Ficus elastica. Can grow to a height of about 6 - 8 feet. You can place this ficus elastica in a room with a shiny and unique leaf color. The best part about this plant is  that it grows vertically and is beautiful to sweeten the room.



Popular ornamental plants with wide green leaves with white motifs are commonly called Chinese evergreen. This plant can grow tall with careful care. With beautiful leaf colors, this plant is also quite dangerous, because the sap can cause skin irritation if not immediately rinsed with water.



A tree plant that grows tall indoors is the dracaena. Very suitable for busy ornamental plant beginners, because dracaena care is very easy and can tolerate moderate to low light. In addition, you can leaves this plant without watering for every day because it is very tolerate. Has benefits as an air purifiers such as xylene, toluene and formaldehyde in the air.

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