7 Varieties of Beautiful Leafy Begonias

Homifine.com -- Begonias are part of the flowering plants of the Begoniaceae. Having begonias will not only show the beauty of the flowers, but also have leaves with various beautiful patterns. Care that you should pay attention to from begonias is a planting medium that has good drainage, fertilization that is not too excessive, and also placement at the right temperature. For some begonia varieties that you will love, check out the following article on 7 Varieties of Beautiful Leafy Begonias.



 Begonia looking glass


Before discussing the appearance, this begonia has an interesting name that seems to describe its beauty. The shiny silver leaves make it look like glass. You can make it an indoor decoration that can amaze anyone who sees it.



Strawberry Begonia


If you want to choose begonias as hanging plants, this variety is the answer for you. The beautiful round leaves have detailed patterns and are able to grow beautiful hanging leaflets.


Begonia red kiss


If you are a lover of vibrantly colored plants, you must have this red kiss begonia. The beautiful leaves are red, have dark edges and middle. You will also get flowers from this variety of begonias.


Begonia torch red


Begonia leaves don't have to have a variety of patterns, you will also find plain begonia leaves with a shiny surface. The top surface is green, in contrast to the red bottom, as if it wants to radiate beauty at the same time. The beautiful flowers grow with a soft peach color.



Begonia etna


This begonia has uniquely colored leaves that combine bright red and dark red. The bright red on the leaves of this begonia serves to provide a splash of motif to beautify the plant as a whole, you can collect it as a beautiful colored plant.



Begonia rex escargot


The serrated leaves on this begonia have a circular pattern that makes it unique. Not only one color, this begonia leaf has one light color and one dark color.



Begonia rhizomatous kitkat


This latter begonia has leaves with various color combinations. Not only green, this leaf also has white spots and beautiful maroon stripes. You can make it a display on the living room table to liven up the surrounding look.



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