7 Ways to Turn Your Small Balcony into a Favorite Area

Homifine.com -- Small balconies often make the owner confused about decorating, for fear that the area will look narrower and more disturbing. However, you also need to pay attention to tricks that can bring a small balcony to make it a better area and of course it can be your favorite spot at home. For some things you can do on your small balcony, check out the following article about 7 Ways to Turn Your Small Balcony into a Favorite Area.



Colorful decorations


To maximize a small balcony, you can use some colorful decorations. The arrangement of these decorations can be placed on the wall area so as not to make the balcony narrower.

Use carpet for relaxing spot


In addition to placing decorations on the balcony wall, you can also add a rug to relax without having to use chairs that take up more space. The addition of a few pillows will make you comfortable to just sit back or lie down.



Use mattress instead of a sofa


For a more comfortable relax, you can also add a small mattress instead of a sofa. Choose a small mattress with a color that matches the surrounding area so that it still gives a beautiful appearance to a small balcony.



Use plants as balcony railing


Balcony which usually has an open area will be very disturbed by the scorching sun. To outsmart it, you can add plants that cover the balcony railing and make the area around it feel more shady and comfortable.



Minimize furniture


This small balcony area still looks comfortable by minimizing the furniture and decorations. Only use essential furniture such as chairs. And you can use plants as decorations as well as a fresh balcony garden.



Use same color on the pot


This small balcony has a neat look with good arrangement. The selection of a pot with a matching white color makes the balcony area look cleaner and more beautiful. For the remaining space, additional chairs will be the best complement.



Vertical garden


Apart from being a relaxing area, the balcony is often used as a small garden filled with some plants and vegetables. To overcome a small balcony, you can use a vertical garden by arranging plants on the wall or in other vertical areas that you have prepared.



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